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  • Sunflower Seeds, locally grown, provide an ideal alternative to Peanuts and have the benefit of complete trace-ability. They are fantastically attractive to a wide range of common garden birds especially the Tit and Finch family.
  • High Energy Mixed Seed - our best selling and most popular product, full of Black Sunflower Seeds, Millet and Canary Seed as well as small amounts of chipped Maize and Wheat. This mix is attractive to a wide range of species: Tits and Finches will target the Sunflower while ground feeders such as Chaffinch, Dunnocks, Robins and Black Birds will target the smaller seeds often dropped to the ground by the Sunflower feeders.
  • No Mess Mixes - where the Sunflower Seeds are replaced with Sunflower Hearts so no seed shells are discarded which can cause a mess in heavy feeding situations
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