Can we pre-order Shopping to be delivered for when we arrive on Holiday?

  • Yes, you can. Simply order what you would like, select the Delivery Date and use the Site Address as your Shipping Address.

You sell Alcohol, but I can't find it on your Website - why?

  • We do sell Alcohol but we are not Licensed to sell online. We can only sell Alcohol via our Farm Shop.

Do you have Farm "Open Days"?

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer any Open Days to visit our Sheep.

Can I bring my Dog to your Farm Shop?

  • Unfortunately, as much as we would love to meet your Furry Friends, we do not accept Dogs onto the Property of our Farm Shop - this includes anything past the Main Gate to our Farm Shop.

Do you have Wheelchair Access?

  • Due to the architecture of the Premises of our Farm Shop and the surrounding area, regrettably we are not suitable for Wheelchair Access.

Are you LGBT Friendly?

  • Absolutely! Anyone and everyone are welcome to visit our Farm Shop.

Do you sell Products that are preferable to particular Dietary Requirements?

  • Yes we do. We have a great range of Produce that are Gluten Free, Vegan and Suitable for Coeliacs. 

Do you accept Card Payments?

  • Yes, we accept all Major Debit and Credit Cards as well as Apple and Google Pay.

Do you offer Refreshments?

  • Yes we do. We offer a great range of Hot Drinks made on our Barista Machine. Between Spring/Summer Months, we also offer a great selection of Milkshakes. All of our Refreshments are offered as Takeaway only.

Why is your Lamb not available all year?

  • All of our Lambs are purely Grass Fed so maturity takes between 6-7 Months from Birth to Optimum killing weight. We don't hurry our Lambs to grow but growth is also related to our Climate.

Will my Lamb be delivered Fresh or Frozen?

  • All of our Lamb is Frozen upon Butchering to retain all of it's wonderful nutrients and to prevent wastage. As a small Farm, all of our Butchering is carried out by a third party. 

Is there parking at your Farm Shop?

  • Yes, however Parking Space is limited and we encourage those who are able to Walk or Cycle to us, to do so.