Ribeye Tartare

Ribeye Tartare



400g English Farm Ribeye Steak (Substitute with Fillet for an extra special treat if you'd rather)

6 Small Capers

2-3 Cornichons

½ Large Shallot

Few Leaves of Fresh Parsley, without Stalks

Pinch of Sea Salt

Crushed Black Peppercorns

Dash of Tabasco Sauce, to taste

Dash of Worcestershire Sauce, to taste

2 Fresh, Organic, Free Range Egg Yolks

2-4 Slices of Organic Sourdough


For obvious reasons as the ingredients are raw, freshness and food hygiene are critical. Ask your Butcher for freshly cut ribeye. Tell your Butcher that you plan to eat it raw and only use it on the day of purchase for this dish.

  • Dice rather than mince your ribeye. After the steak is trimmed of any excess fat, cut into 0.5cm thick slices with a sharp knife. You will probably get about three slices.
  • Then cut each slice into 0.5cm Strips. Dice roughly but try to aim for 0.5cm cubes. A little variation here allows for a better texture.
  • Take a moment to try a piece without any seasoning to understand the flavour basis of this dish. The point here is that the better the beef, the fewer additions you need to enjoy the delicate balance of flavours. Experiment with more or less seasoning according to personal preference.
  • Separately dice the capers, cornichons and shallot as finely as you can by hand. Don't blend them. Keep them to one side for the moment. 
  • Chop the fresh parsley finely.
  • Put the beef in a bowl deep enough to take all the ingredients, make a little hollow in the middle and add all the diced ingredients and the parsley.
  • Add a small pinch of sea salt and some cracked pepper then, using two forks, gently mix together until the beef is coated with the seasoning.
  • Taste. If you would like to add more flavour at this point, add spice with a few dashes of Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce.
  • Bind the Tartare together with one of the egg yolks.
  • Toast your sourdough. 
  • Plate up the Tartare with a serving ring or just spoon it carefully into the centre of a generous dish.
  • Place the other egg yolk carefully on top and serve with the toast on the side for a memorable treat.


Source - For The Love Of The Land (https://thelittlewhitelamb.co.uk/products/for-the-love-of-the-land-cookbook?_pos=1&_sid=4379871ae&_ss=r)